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False Harmony

Materials: brass chain link, silver solder, steel wire

In 2020, the 'Black Lives Matter' movement is at the heart of the worldwide debate. It touches on important social issues such as racial equality, human rights, social class relations and social justice.

In the project I think about the relationship between social classes and translate it into a wearable artwork. The accumulation of small elements has always been the most important artistic language in my work. Chain link is the main medium through which I translate my ideas about social class relations into my work. The four different sizes of the chain links can be consciously arranged to convey the social situation of the different classes. In practice, the smaller ring (the lower class) almost surrounds the larger ring (from the upper class), which corresponds to the fact that in reality the lower class serves the upper class. This model creates a harmonious social state. We know it is false, but it is so alive.

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