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Materials: titanium, Guitar strings

The Guilloche technique creates a shiny decorative pattern with lines. Traditionally, in order to add colour to the engraved metal, a transparent layer of enamel was often chosen to cover the surface. This has been the choice of many fine jewelleries or watches in the past and even today.

The starting point for this project is to find new life for an traditional craft. I therefore try to create a Guilloche with a colourful metallic sheen. This shine is inspired by the metallic shine of the traditional Guilloche with the addition of coloured enamels.


The realisation of the idea is based on the change of colour of the titanium alloy at different temperatures. By firing the piece in layers from high to low temperatures, each layer carves out lines that take on a different colour. Under the layers, Guilloche takes on a rich colour and shines with a colourful sheen.

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