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It is really ok for guys

My objects aim to show and question mainstream cultural expectations of masculinity, reflect on its consequences and express the desire for a more diverse masculinity in order to bring more attention to this common but often overlooked social issue, especially by men themselves. It is the first time I confront and openly speak about the impact of masculinity on my life. By looking back at my past and uncovering my scars, I try to begin to reconcile with my own masculinity. Likewise, I want to use this collection to help other people to address their relationship with masculinity. I chose to visualize the topic using corn, daikon and Michelangelo's David as media. In some point of view, they are either morphologically, literally, or culturally intertwined with the theme of masculinity.


Corn is a symbol of man. Watch them carefully! You will find something.


I see the daikon peel as the human skin. I damage it, leaving scars. A scar means the healing of a wound, which records the pain and tells the story of what happened in the past. 

Michelangelo's David

David show body postures that contradict standard masculinity.

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